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Estate Planning and Administration in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Estate Planning

Secure your assets by preparing your Will, Trust, and Power of Attorney. Whether it's simple or complex, James M. Herb, attorney at law, will design them to your specific needs. We will help you with the administration of Estates and Trusts of all sizes, and make sure we are compliant with the State and IRS requirements.

Probate Administration

Our Estate Administration services include the experience and understanding to provide representation in order for an Executor or Administrator to fulfill all of the basic duties of Probate Administration.

Our Staff and Attorneys will:
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  • Provide all statutory notices to creditors, beneficiaries and charities;
  • Marshal, inventory and appraise assets;
  • Value closely held businesses;
  • Complete the classification and satisfaction of debts;
  • Prepare and file estate income Tax Returns;
  • Assist in the sale of real property out of the Estate;
  • Prepare and file estate income Tax Returns or any accountings as required by the Court;
  • Complete the distribution of assets to children of the Decedent and other heirs, legatees, and beneficiaries under the Will and fund any testamentary Trusts;
  • Probate Litigation, working to resolve disputes and claims against the Estate.
Our Staff will also handle administration of Trusts, from ensuring that all Trusts are properly executed and funded to the appointment of successor Trustees, and the preparation and filing of Trust Tax Returns.

Probate and Trust Litigation

Our Probate Lawyers understand how to investigate, develop and prove disputed facts in a broad variety of situations.
Among the Probate Litigation cases we handle are the following:
  • Challenges to the validity of a Will;
  • Questions concerning undue influence, coercion, or the testamentary capacity of the Decedent;
  • Actions for the removal of Executors for alleged breach of Fiduciary duty;
  • Will Constructions cases;
  • Disputes concerning the community or separate character of particular assets;
  • Valuation problems with respect to assets in a bequest or Trust;
  • Questions concerning a person's status as an Heir;
  • Contested guardianship proceedings;
  • Disputes concerning the administration of family Trusts.
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