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Guardianship Law in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Guardianship most often applies in cases involving: an elderly person who no longer has the capacity to make responsible financial or healthcare decisions, a minor who has received a substantial inheritance or gift in his or her own name, or a disabled minor who has attained the age of majority, but who cannot assume adult responsibilities with respect to his or her own affairs. James M. Herb has the experience and expertise needed to navigate these legal matters and help to get the guardianship you seek.
Grandfather with Son and Grandson - Guardianship Law Assistance in Pittsburgh PA
Sound Estate Planning will often avoid the need for a Guardian in the case of elderly persons – the designation and execution of a Durable Power of Attorney or Medical Power of Attorney and Living Will, will usually take care of the needs that an application for an appointment of a guardian typically addresses. For minors, a Will or Trust instrument can designate a particular person to serve as Guardian in case the Testator dies before the minor becomes an adult.
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