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Knowledgeable Attorney in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

James M. Herb P.C. Attorney at Law in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, offers a variety of legal services including estate planning, criminal law, and personal injury cases. With our experience and outstanding legal knowledge, we are able to offer you the best legal services in the area.

Estate Planning & Administration

Secure your assets by preparing your will, trust, and power of attorney. Whether it's simple or complex, we will design them to your specific needs. We will help you with the administration of estates and trusts of all sizes, and make sure we are abiding to the state and IRS requirements.
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Criminal Law

We will protect the rights of individuals facing charges for DUIs, vehicle violations, serious misdemeanors, and felony charges in both state and federal courts.

Protecting individual rights includes a complete understanding of mental health laws in order to give specialized attention to those whose liberty and rights are affected by a diagnosed mental health condition.

Personal Injury

Individuals are protected by law from injury to their person, damage to their property, and discrimination in their employment. We will help you obtain compensation if you are affected by any of these things.
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